Report Back from Port Trucker Action at Port on Black Friday

Truckers were back at the port at 5am Friday morning, after a brief holiday break with their families. They set up a picket line at AMPCO truck parking lot on Middle Harbor Road, while supporters trickled in, reaching a critical mass just before 6am.

Early Morning Friday Picket
Picketing truckers turn away a car at the AMPCO truck parking lot at 5:30am on Black Friday

Truckers held the line for over 2 and a half hours while police scrambled to mobilize enough officers to break the lines. During that time, cars did not enter the lot and trucks did not leave.

Dawn Friday Picket
The sun rises on a long line of picketers braving the cold

The police illegally broke up the picket using a dispersal order and kettle just after 7:30 a.m, after trying unsuccessfully with fewer officers throughout the morning.

cops friday picket
Oakland Police assemble in preparation for breaking the picket line

After the line was broken, Port Truckers gathered for an emergency meeting to decide on further steps. As they build for a longer campaign for fair pay and humane treatment on the port, they will need lots of support!

Port officials reported on Friday that the port was operating at 30% of usual capacity, and trucking company owners reported having a difficult time finding drivers willing to work. “I tried calling everyone. They said they won’t work so long as there’s a strike going on down here,” said one company owner, who wished to remain anonymous.

Truck lots around the port demonstrated clearly what port officials and company owners were talking about. They were full of trucks on one of the busiest days of the season.

Trucker lots overflowing during strike action last Friday


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  1. I am working on a video, need some footage from last week! Caitlin

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