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Happy New Year from the Port of Oakland Truckers Association

New Year Letter from POTA

This year was an eventful one for POTA. We formed this summer and by the end of the year, we accomplished quite a bit. We became a recognized organization by the port, the city, the state, trucking companies, brokers and terminals. We are in a better bargaining position than ever, and we’ve got a lot of support from the community, who are finally aware of the issues we face.

This summer we started with a work stoppage in August that really got people’s attention. In October when we stopped work again, we shut the port down for 2 days. That gave us an opportunity to negotiate better conditions and compensation with the mayor, CARB and port director Chris Lytle. Over 70 truckers came in a convoy to those negotiations and showed them the power we have. When we did actions again in November, we slowed the port down to 10% of normal operations during a very busy week.

We are very proud of these accomplishments!

The truckers in POTA have built a lot of power this year, and it belongs to all of us. We are building relationships with each other and with the community so that we can continue to improve our conditions and pay. As we move into the New Year, we want to build a better organization where everyone’s voice is heard. We will be working closely with the entire membership to make POTA a stronger and more effective organization. Now that we have some down time to refocus, we want to create a structure that allows everyone to participate and takes into account everyone’s ideas.

We have a lot of things to work on in 2014! We need to make sure drivers are aware of the rate increases companies are being paid, so they can be sure that they receive those increases too. We want to grow our membership and better support our existing members. We want to see POTA win victories for:

  • The Green Emissions Fee & the Congestion Fee
  • Rate increases
  • Signs for drivers with terminal information
  • Better access to restrooms
  • Safer conditions and dignity and respect for drivers

We know that we can achieve these things with your support. Together we are powerful!

Wishing you and your family a prosperous and joyous New Year,

The Port of Oakland Truckers Association